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My Story


Like most good businesses, Jono's Jerky was born in a pub.

It was a chilly July night in Canberra's inner south and patrons at Kingston's Durham Castle Arms were getting their weekly trivia fix. Halfway through the evening's proceedings, a young bartender introduced his most regular of regulars to a zip-lock bag of homemade beef jerky- a now secret recipe that his fiance showed him.

For a time, the bar's most opinionated and inebriated clientele fell silent, but for the gentle sounds of tearing meat fibres and uncertain appreciation.


The comment that broke the silence is ingrained in my memory to this day: 


"I think you've found your calling there, Jono"

Fast forward three months and my modestly crafted market stall, see below, was hugely successful, selling out in under three hours. 

Several hundred bags of jerky later, I perfected all of my flavours (and redesigned my stall), which you can now find in various retailers and markets all around Australia!  

That's the story so far. Thanks for being a part of it.

Enjoy my jerky!


Jons Jerky Markets
Jonos Original 30g Label
Jonos Jerky Canberra
Jono's Markets New

Our first market stall - circa 2016

A slightly better market stall set up - 2017

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