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Doing BUsiness with us 

This isn't a nonsense page about our company values. This is just a short message to explain why we're a little different. You see as a father, a husband, a full time employee and a small business owner I'm a busy man, (I know, queue the violins right?). No; all i'm saying is time is short, our goals are big and i get frustrated by the amount of empty promises that have become almost routine in today's business environment.

With all that in mind, the number one thing we value at Jono's Jerky (above tender, flavoursome beef jerky) is Honesty.

Can't meet the deadline? don't want to talk right now? Don't like the sound of my voice? 

No worries, just say.

and don't worry, it goes both ways.

If you like what you're reading, that's great, contact me on the below details and we can do business sometime. 

Until then,


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